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Bettendorf a community on the Mississippi River.

Bettendorf photo 1Along the Mississippi River, in Scott County Iowa is the city of Bettendorf. Populated by over thirty one thousand citizens, this city is one of the Quad Cities which also includes Davenport, Iowa and the following cities in Illinois: Moline, Rock Island and East Moline. Although there are five cities in this group, considerations in changing the name to the Quint cities was attempted but the Quad name was already so imbedded in the language that it never caught on so was eventually abandoned.

Although Bettendorf has a moderate population, being a member of the Quad cities has its benefits in the many shared resources available to the combined population of nearly half a million residents. The Quad City Arts group was formed by the merge of four separate groups to bring all residents art and culture throughout the area.

Things to do here:

Of course, having the Mississippi River here at your disposal adds to Bettendorf’s charm. The boating, fishing, camping and other outdoor sports are definitely not in shortage at any time of the year in this region. The abundant fishing and hunting season in this part of the state bring many visitors in. The city has many parks and recreation facilities and bike and hiking trails too.

There’s plenty to do for the indoor enthusiast too with shopping and dining and plenty of arts and culture. From an economic standpoint, this area is positioned for steady growth. The riverfront provides plenty of tourism opportunities especially since casino gaming was approved to exist on the water in riverboats.  The Quad area attracts over a million visitors a year and the Isle of Capri Riverboat employs over 900 citizens alone. As the riverfront continues to develop, this area will continue to prosper.

There are excellent schools, plenty of housing and jobs here and the residents love their little piece of Iowa.

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