Attractive Iowa Cities


Cedar Rapids, Iowa is the place of five seasons.

Cedar Rapids photoIn the eastern part of Iowa is the booming city of Cedar Rapids. It is said to be the city of five seasons. The city’s landmark monument is an intriguing and intricate looking tree dubbed the tree of five seasons. It’s the motto of the city’s residents to live each day in appreciation.  Doing this is like adding time to your life, hence a fifth season. What lovely sentiment.

The second largest city in Iowa has more than 120,000 citizens and attracts many new ones on an on going basis. Businesses are booming, the sense of community is strong and it’s a place where there’s culture, art, activities and a pace that allows you to prosper yet enjoy that  ‘Fifth season’.

Located in Linn County, Cedar Rapids has a lot of industry and plenty of history.  Business and the economy are booming and life is good here.  People benefit from the great sense of community, the low cost of living as well as the bountiful jobs.  There are lots of things to work at and plenty to play at too. The lodgings are plentiful, there’s art, culture and plenty of fine dining and nightlife.

The outdoor adventurer will love this place with the fishing, boating, camping and hunting. The conservation areas, hiking and biking trails and golf courses are definitely not in short supply.

Cedar Rapids is an interesting city with the Cedar River running directly through it and our city hall and the courthouse reside on Mays Island, which adds to our unique charm. We have great neighborhoods too including the Czech Village, which is a little pocket of town that includes many Czech and Slovak shops, restaurants and a museum.

Some other great places to visit during your stay here are:

Other things to do while here are enjoy some of our annual events including a fantastic Oktoberfest Festival, nearby Hiawatha Hog Wild Days or the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival where we enjoy parades, boat regattas, fireworks, races and other tributes to our country from the end of June to the 4th of July over a thirteen day period.  It’s become a great tradition to honor everything about our city and country and respecting one another and of course in enjoying that fabulous fifth season.

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