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Dubuque Iowa: Historic Town With Victorian Charm.

On the banks of America’s River, the Mighty Mississippi is Dubuque Iowa. This is a pretty, historic city with Victorian charm but also the amenities of modern urban living.

DubuqueWhether you live, work, play here or a combination of the three, you’ll agree that it’s a place that’s bustling with activity and has something to appeal to everyone.  With about 62,000 residents, Dubuque knows it has to do a lot to provide its residents with more than just amenities. With over a million visitors to this area per year, it’s clearly doing its job.

The city is named after Quebec born fur trader Julien Dubuque who settled here in 1788. Considered the founding city in Iowa, this place connects Iowa to Wisconsin and Illinois via the Mississippi River.  This is considered one of the top cities in the Midwestern part of the United States of America to live in and the city’s government is doing a lot to continue to foster the success that Dubuque enjoys.  This is a place full of arts, culture, higher learning institutions and a vast amount of recreational and tourist attractions.   The amount of effort put into historic preservation in this area helps this city retain its charm.

The Mississippi River is the hub of the area and continuous improvement and efforts go into maintaining the Port. The previous industrial zone is now the entertainment spot in the city.  There are resorts, water parks, the Mississippi Riverwalk, The Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium and many restaurants and plenty of night life.

Dubuque cityThose who live here, benefit from the many amenities of this city. Beyond all the things to do here is a high standard for quality of life. There are lots of decent jobs, plenty of amenities for families and beautiful neighborhoods to live in. The city has several post secondary institutions and has plenty of Fortune 500 companies for graduates to look to for future employment. There are many major companies that call this part of Iowa home and Dubuque draws in lots of commuting workers from many neighboring communities due to the vast opportunities available here.

This is a unique and beautiful place to live in with all the charm of the river, all the amenities you need as well as the unique historic preservation of history.

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