Attractive Iowa Cities


Mason City, Iowa is known as the River City.

Mason CityKnown as River City, Mason City, Iowa is a gorgeous city with a small town atmosphere. This place is the central activity hub of northern Iowa and is ideal for having small town values coupled with big city conveniences.

With just under thirty thousand people, this is a place of vast resources and wonderful natural beauty. The Iowa Traction Railroad is one of the few remaining railways that are still using electric locomotives for freight transport.

This is a great place to work, live and enjoy life. If you’re interested in museums, you can visit the Charles H. MacNider Art Museum where you’ll see an impressive array of ceramics, Bill Baird puppets and other exhibits. There are many classes and special events are always happening here.  The Pioneer Museum takes a look at Iowa life in days gone by and is a great way to spend a day out as a family.

The historical sights here are many. If you want to spend the day in 1912 style, visit The Music Man Square where you can learn all about Mason City’s very own “Music Man” Meredith Willson who was born here and went on to create famous musicals and songs that are beloved all over the world. 

There’s no shortage of recreational activities here. Being the River City has its advantages with boating, fishing and many other water sports to choose from. There are biking, hiking and bridle trails. We have campgrounds and sports fields.  There’s golfing and cross-country skiing and more than 18 public hunting places.

Mason City has many schools, libraries, churches and medical amenities for its’ residents and is a growing and thriving place to live.  There are year round events here and just a few of these are:

And many more events are held throughout the year in order to bring the community together. A community that plays together thrives and prospers and this is definitely a community with heart.

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