Attractive Iowa Cities


Sioux City, Iowa

In the northwest part of the state of Iowa sits Sioux City. Over 85,000 people call this place home. Siouxland, as its referred to by many is a beautiful place to live and to visit. Settled in the early 1800’s, this city grew at a steady pace.

Sioux CityFor residents, the security of living in the place recognized statistically as being the safest place in Iowa is something not taken lightly.  In 2004, it was also rated the # 4 place in the country for being best places to raise children.  Quality of life here is important and family lifestyle and community is supported through the city’s infrastructure. Housing is abundant and available at every income level. There are fantastic schools and employment opportunities in Sioux City too. Healthcare and public safety are taken very seriously here.

Arts and Culture are taken seriously too. There are museums and art galleries including the State-of-the-Art Center that was built in 1997 which attracts many visitors. The parks and recreation facilities here are awesome and foster a busy and active lifestyle for the residents.

Tourists enjoy visiting here with our gorgeous landscape and many attractions. The downtown area is a busy and happening place with excellent shopping and dining, arts and culture and a great attraction is the unique Skywalk System, which connects many of the downtown core attractions. There are plenty of accommodations and excellent resources for conventions.

Other things to see and do here are:

With the Missouri River, Floyd River and Sioux River all right here, this presents excellent opportunities for water lovers, fisherman, and anyone who can appreciate breathtaking landscapes. There are parks, trails, aquatics and sports programs. There are many local team sports to cheer on too.

Sioux City is a great place to call home and a great place to visit.

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