Tháng Tư 20, 2021

About IPI

About the Iowa Peace Institute

The Iowa Peace Institute (IPI) exists to help people learn more productive patterns of communication and approaches to conflict in order to improve their professional and personal relationships. The Institute is an independent nonprofit corporation created in 1986. The mission of the Peace Institute is to reduce the social and economic costs of conflict and help people solve the problems that keep them apart. IPI fosters appropriate and peaceful resolu findbride scam tion of conflict and repair of harm from crime and wrongdoing by providing education and training, mediation, facilitation and restorative justice services. IPI’s annual operating budget is supported with some funding from the state of Iowa and revenue from fees for training and intervention services, donations from private business, corporations and individuals, grants and contracts, and income on a modest endowment. The Peace Institute provides its services statewide, and its headquarters is in Grinnell.

The Iowa Peace Institute provides the following services:

Training in negotiation skills, mediation and conflict resolution;

Training and technical assistance in restorative justice practices;

Restorative justice dialogue services;

Meeting facilitation and consensus-building processes;

Moderation of deliverative forums

Assistance in encouraging disputing parties to use m findbride scam ediation when appropriate;

Mediation services;

Assistance in preparing for mediation and/or negotiation;

Conflict analysis and fact-finding;

Assistance in the design and implementation of dispute resolution systems and procedures;

Information and consultation on dispute resolution options and resources;

A resource library of conflict resolution books and videotapes; and

Publication of a quarterly newsletter, Resolution Report, and a weekly email message on peacebuilding called, PeaceNet.