Attractive Iowa Cities


Burlington, Iowa is a great place to visit.

Burlington imagesBurlington, Iowa is situated on the banks of the grand Mississippi River and is a vibrant and busy community that has about 26,000 residents. Tourists and residents alike would agree that this is a great place to live.

Visitors flock to the riverboat casinos for fun and entertainment and enjoy the many local attractions here. Residents benefit from the great sense of community and many amenities.  

There are plenty of other things to do in Burlington such as visiting the landmark Snake Alley. Snake Alley is nicknamed the most crooked (or “Crookedest”) street in the world. When the roads were built by the early settlers to this region of Iowa, the idea of having the streets curve and wind as they do in the vineyards of Germany and France is what brought this alley to fruition.  Snake Alley is truly part of Iowa culture and even has it’s own website and local events that are dedicated to its uniqueness.

Burlington has done a lot for its’ residents in terms of community involvement and sports and recreation. The Regional RecPlex here is a big building filled with many amenities for the entire family. It’s a great place for tournaments with its softball and football and volleyball facilities and more and even allows private bookings of the facilities.

Other local attractions include:

This city is no stranger to the Arts. It has many music products, theatre shows and art galleries. Another great place to visit while staying here is Crapo Park, where a lovely arboretum exists here on 85 acres of land that’s reported as the first place in Iowa where an American flag was staked into the dirt.

This is an interesting and active city on the water that has a booming economy and a prosperous future to look forward to.

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